Exercise Library

Arm and leg extension

Arm and leg extension toe taps

Arm circles

Back bow pull


Cobra to child's pose stretch


Crab walk

Dead bug arm and leg extension

Donkey kick

Downward dog

Frog side mountain climber

Front lunge to back lunge

Front, side, back lunge

Glute bridge

Heel taps

How to pulse


Inner thigh leg raise

Lateral plank walk

Lower body stretch

Mountain climber

Mountain climber with leg in and out

Plank hold

Plank with opposite leg and arm extension

Push up

Rear lunge

Seated rows

Shoulder taps

Side crunch

Side lunge

Side plank

Single leg glute bridge


Standing back leg toe taps

Standing double arm side raises

Standing single arm side raise




Tricep push up with diamond hands

Upper body stretch

Upward plank with tricep dip

Upward plank and tricep dip with toe tap

Wall push up

Wall sit

Wall sit with heel raises

Warm up exercises

Warrior 2

Zig zag stretch